Positive Coaching Scotland

Positive Coaching Scotland is an inspirational programme that aims to create a positive environment for young people to take part in sports in Scotland. PCS focuses on the value of effort, learning from mistakes, respect for self and others and responsibility. The programme aims to educate key influencers in sport including club leaders, coaches, parents, teachers and young people.

The Positive Coaching Scotland Ethos
If children and young people are to benefit from playing sport then it is important that all key influencers in their lives adopt the values of PCS.

1. The first goal is winning:

Learning to compete effectively is necessary in sport and life. Wanting to win, not at all costs, but through concerted effort.

2. The second goal is teaching young people important, character building life lessons through sport. Qualities and attributes that will equip them for the future such as:

handling adversity

The PCS ethos uses three key principles to achieve these goals and teach the life skills outlined above.